A recent urban development project in Port Vila will require the closure of some important roads in the capital. The renovation project will begin Monday, 18th of December for a period of two weeks.

1) Intersection : Freshwota

The Freshwota Roundabout construction will continue during this week but traffic condition will remain unchanged because a substitution road will be added. Then, pavement reconstruction will begin on night shift, so roads will be closed between 10pm and 4.30 am. From Thursday morning, the intersection will be opened as a roundabout.

2) Design Section : From Smet to Europe Corner

On this part, the preparation of pavement sealing may cause short-term closures and the traffic may be a little disturbed.

3) Design Section : From Europe Corner to USP Roundabout

It is possible that some work will be done by day despite all the efforts done by the authorities to conduct the work at night. Concrete works will continue, Some shoulder closures and some stop-go traffic flow at sites still under construction.

4) Design Section :  From USP Roundabout to Tropical Roundabout

Shoulder closures will be put in place to complete concrete work. Traffic may be interrupted on sites under construction.

5) Design Section : From Tropical Roundabout to ABM2

On this part of the city, Kerbing works and pavement backfilling will continue.  with closed doors and stop-go traffic at sites under construction. Some public employees  will be in charge of closing the doors and managing the traffic on the roads.