You bought a used car in Vanuatu and during use, it turns out that it has a major fault. You want to cancel the sale, what should you do?

The clauses applicable to the sale of a used car

A seller must be honest. If he is not and if his arrangements with the truth have led you to buy a defective vehicle, you can sue him according to the severity of his actions. It may also prove that the seller was in good faith but the vehicle is still defective.

In this case we speak of hidden vice. The defect is prior to the sale and unknown at the time of the transaction. Warning, if it was apparent, it was your responsibility to mention it.

In case of commercial guarantee

In some cases, the seller of used car in Vanuatu can offer a commercial guarantee of a few months. This can be implemented for any defect or failure that may occur during its period of application. The commercial guarantee cannot serve as a basis for a cancellation of the sale but only for repair.

Be suspicious when buying a used vehicle in the site, especially if the seller is unknown to you. Beware of prices that are very below market

The steps to be taken to cancel the sale

To cancel the sale, contact the seller as soon as possible after discovering the defect. In fact, the more time has passed, the more difficult it will be to cancel the sale, since the seller may have already spent the money and will not be able to reimburse you.

Get closer to a mechanic to get a diagnosis of the problem and an attestation. Send a warning by attaching the diagnosis provided by the mechanic who attests to the defects of the car. This is often enough to resolve the dispute.

If the amicable procedure fails, you can turn to justice. Be aware, however, that your application will not necessarily succeed. Indeed, the judge may choose a different sanction than the cancellation of the sale, such as the reduction of the price for example.