The shock absorbers provide comfort for the driver and passengers by absorbing the shocks of the car when riding on rough terrain. Thick and comfortable leather chairs are not enough to make the journey pleasant and serene.

A key piece in a vehicle

Shock absorbers are indispensable for the comfort and especially the safety of the occupants of the vehicle. They reduce the movements of the car by considerably improving its handling. Their defect also causes unexpected wear of other parts of your automobile. In case of discomfort on roads in poor condition, check the shock absorbers. Even if no shock is felt, the shock absorbers may present a defective condition.

Operation of shock absorbers

When buying a car in Vanuatu or in the website, we can find all kinds of shock absorbers:

They cushion shocks and combine with the suspension system to provide stability at full speed. Shock absorbers consist of springs that swallow the jolts and shocks caused by poor road condition or speed. However, for many people, the hardest thing is to know the condition of the shock absorbers.

Some simple ways to “gauge” the condition of your shock absorbers

Heavily press a part of the body just above one of the wheels to see if the shock absorbers return quickly to their initial position when you suddenly leave your seat. In case they take a little longer to take their initial state, the change must then be imminent.

The other diagnostic tip is to proceed in the same way but observing if the car shows oscillations before moving. When the car goes back and forth from right to left, bouncing endlessly and sluggishly, this is usually a sign of wear and tear of the shock absorbers. At this moment, no more doubt, they must be changed.