Washing your car is a very important thing, especially if you want to keep all the quality of the car, as well as for your own comfort and to sell your car at an unbeatable price!

Every day, cars are threatened by the weather as well as by the heat. Thus, if many professionals recommend washing once a week, we recommend that you at least go through the car wash at least once every two months. By washing, you should understand both the exterior (automatic or hand washing) and the interior (vacuuming, washing carpets, etc …).

For your convenience, we have selected several washing stations in Port Vila and Luganville to wash your car. Here you will find all the necessary information to have a car almost like new!

Do not hesitate to ask these stations what is the best way to take care of your car. They are professionals who will perfectly know how to take care of their vehicle, and will have answers to all your questions in order to preserve tyres, doors, seats, belts,…


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